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Rosina Buck is a singer/songwriter, artist and poet

About Rosina

Rosina is an anchor point for magic. 


A Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Poet and Facilitator of Realising Dreams. Rosina passionately believes that we can live a life full of awe and wonder, a life compelled and forged by our creativity, and that by embodying our true spirit through doing the things we love, we can experience our greatest liberation. 


That dream you’ve felt impossible? Rosina can help make it possible.


With over 20 year’s experience in the industry, her journey has taught her to be the living, breathing, real life example of what is possible when we choose to walk down a path that truly lights us up, however scary and impossible it may have once seemed.


Rosina’s mission is to help you to claim your own precious, unique space to fill on this earth. Through her songs, poetry, lived experience, and her innate ability to unlock people’s hearts you will be supported in realising your own dreams and the authentic creative essence. Rosina’s natural ability to help you see yourself entirely, will unlock the doors to the very dreams your soul seeks. 

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