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Rosina Buck is a Poet and Artist


As a child Rosina always had a pen and paper close by and from an early age it was evident that she had a natural gift for writing. Over the years her ability to express herself through words became her superpower, her safe space and, it is in between the lines that she makes sense of the world.


Rosina has always been on a voyage of emotional discovery and her poems are her way of honouring this journey.


Whimsical, wonderful, wild and wise, there is an honest and heartfelt heartbeat that intertwines the magic and the earthly.

Run Away With Me

There’s a stranger in my heart 
She crept into the glass by my bed 
In the water she waited
Until I took a sip, still half dreaming of the wind 

“Run away with me. 
There’s a sail boat in my pocket 
As small as a pea but big enough for you and me”

She knew I was already half way there 
To that land of milk and honey 
Where money did not matter and dreams could roam free 

She spoke quickly, her eyes held ancient codes from underwater lands 
And I felt something move 

Like a piece of seaweed dancing with the tide, my belly began to swirl 

Was this that thing that they called life? 
Was I touching it again after all these years in hiding? 

The waves began to swell 
The boat looked fragile sitting in the water, a cork bobbing between the wash of white 

But I could not turn back, how would I ever face myself again? 

As the sails cracked against the shoreline, I knew that it was time to go 

She held out her hand, small and soft she wrapped her palm around my fingers 

It felt like a life line, a bow line, a figure of eight 

“I am an adventurer” she said. 
“I have been waiting for you to take me home” 

My heart filled up with the ocean 

Courage found its way through, into every barren bone like I had been keeping them empty for this moment 

She had a lunchbox full of spaghetti and a flask full of rose water 

Oh her back she carried a book of old photographs and a cassette player 

She pressed play, Eternal Flame, we Walked like an Egyptian and we sailed far far away 


BLUE live @ The Cube (16th December 2022)
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