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Rosina Buck Work with Rosina

Work with Rosina

Rosina is a creative recovery facilitator who passionately advocates that creativity is innate within us all and that our entire life is a form of creative expression. Rosina is passionate about working with others to support them in their own authentic creative awakenings. She works with the wisdom of the heart and the power of the voice through embodiment, song writing and an array of creative writing practices.


Rosina understands the enriching ways in which creativity can bring us into a life that is full of heart-centred experiences and more magic.

Join Rosina and explore creating space in your life to deeply nourish yourself & gain a deeper connection to your expression in a way that empowers and excites you. 

1:1 Creative Alchemy

Rosina offers 1:1 Creative Alchemy Sessions where she works intimately with clients in supporting them to unlock their own authentic creativity. Whether you are longing to write a song, want to connect to the poet within, or simply desire to invite more creativity into your everyday life, Rosina will provide bespoke feedback, supportive exercises, and integration practices to hold and inspire you on your journey.

Online Programmes

The Artist’s Way  


Awakening the Chambers of the Heart 


In Person Events

Full Moon Sound Bath 






“Rosina is a gentle leader with a magnetic, heartwarming and magical energy. Her infectious smile along with her supportive, encouraging and empathic listening approach make it easy to open up and get in touch with your own feelings/desires. Rosina is the greatest cheerleader your dreams could ever wish for!”

Liam Mercer

“Rosina is a great teacher and mentor and helped me to get a lot out of the Artist's Way. She is incredibly encouraging and helpful, and I felt that she included everyone in the group. She provided lots of follow-up and inspiration. She knows her stuff!”

Kate Golten

“Rosina excels as a course leader as she is a conscientious and mindful facilitator whose attention and care was experienced as positive, assured guidance throughout our program.”

Adam Crawford

“I recently did The Artist's Way with Rosina Buck and was blown away by the beautiful space she held. She brings well-earned wisdom, lightness of being, permission and humour. Her style is unique and authentic. I really respect her.”

Grace Emmerson



Rosina is an accomplished songwriter who has been at the forefront of some of the UK’s leading campaigns raising awareness around FGM. Rosina is available for commissions and is particularly passionate about working with young people and change makers.

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